1) Why should I buy from you - a wholesaler?

We have the resources and manpower to research your needs and offer you the best quality and price we source.

2) Wouldn't I get a better price if I bought directly from the mill?

Most often we can offer you a better price than what you would get purchasing directly from a mill.

3) How do I know when to buy?

Because we are in constant contact with the mills, we will know when the market is going to shift and be able to tell you whether to buy or to wait a few days to see what happens.  It is our job, as your business partner, to share our information with you and help you decide what is in your best interest.  Because of our honest relationship, if you tell us that you have a quote that is better than what we can offer you, we will tell you that is a good offer and you should take it.  Although it temporarily means less business for us, in the long run it is a permanent, trusting partnership that will lead us together in the future.

4) Who will give me the best service?

We will work for you as a specialist and partner and will call you to see what you need.  Service is a total commitment - from ordering to receiving.  We follow every order through to completion and make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

5) Who will "go to bat" for me? 

The mill or the wholesaler, and get me the best price?

A mill will "go to bat" for you, but it only has its products to offer you.  We, as wholesalers, will "go to bat" for you, and we will have prices to offer you from multiple mills that produce the products you want.  As the customer, you could call all of the mills that produce your product, or you could rely on 1-2 calls from your wholesalers who have already done the work for you.  Your time is too valuable to make all the calls yourself.

6) Who arranges freight?

Unless you choose to pick it up yourself, we will handle the freight for you.  We are able to arrange carloads if you are set up to receive them.  We work with over 200 trucking companies and have a dispatch clerk on staff whose responsibility is to ship the loads when they are ready and follow up if there are any problems.  We have a very efficient system to get the job done quickly and competitively.

7) How do you handle claims?

Our policy is that you, the customer, are right, and we will correct the situation, making you satisfied as best we can.  We will listen to your complaint and get the details.  We will take whatever steps that are needed to resolve the situation.  In most cases, we can resolve the issue in 24 hours.  We will keep you informed on the progress, complete the transaction, and take care of the paperwork.

One thing you won't hear from most companies, but you will hear from us, is "Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make this right for you."

8) How do I start doing business with your company?

You may call our main office line, 541-312-9522 and ask for a salesperson whose area of expertise handles the main products you need.

On our website, you may also select the Sales Contacts page and find out who your rep will be before calling, or send your rep an email.

If you are still not sure who to contact, go to our Contact Us page, fill out the form, and email it to us, we will have the best qualified salesperson call you.

We look forward to hearing from you!